2017 has seen Nathan very busy with commisions in his new scribbley pen and ink illustrations. Starting with some well known characters from A Nightmare Before Christmas including Jack Skellington, Sally and Zero the ghost dog, the Banther skull that makes up part of the Star Wars' Mandalorian logo, the Punisher skull and a Goonies key, ready for Swindon's ComicCon in June. Many of these are now available not only as prints but also on a range of items from keyrings to coasters, cushions to t-shirts available on etsy.com or Amazon Handmade.


 And for the commissions he hand colours in pastel and pencil to bring the pictures to life


Commissions start at 100 for a framed A3 piece.

Contact Nathan on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or on Facebook

Nathan Pegler’s moved to a new studio and started teaching workshops after leaving Honda to start his own business. Picture: THOMAS KELSEY

Nathan Pegler’s moved to a new studio and started teaching workshops after leaving Honda to start his own business. Picture: THOMAS KELSEY

AN ARTIST who turned his passion into a profession has moved to a new studio and begun teaching workshops as his business goes from strength to strength.

Nathan Pegler left his job at Honda after 20 years to start his own small business as an illustrator, NJP Pastel Art.

After three years of hard graft, he’s had his work showcased in exhibitions and just appeared as a guest at Swindon Comic Con.

He’s currently settling into his new studios in Winterbourne Bassett and looking forward to teaching his second ever workshop.

Nathan said: “The scenery’s fantastic and I have more space here so I’ve been able to start my new workshops, it’s really exciting.

“Teaching was something that I’ve wanted to do as an artist for some time, I want to pass on knowledge, help people get involved in art and find their creative side.

“I was quite naive when I started, I thought I’d get successful very quickly and after three years I’m starting to get the success I envisaged.”

Nathan hopes to eventually diversify from his current workshop group’s age range of seven-to 14-year-olds and teach amateurs and enthusiasts of all ages.

The 44-year-old’s also branching out into pen and ink art after mainly working with pastels to produce landscapes, seascapes and fantastical sci-fi creations.

The latter makes him the ideal guest for comic and sci-fi conventions and he’s preparing to go to several of them across the country over the next few weeks.

He said: “It was a thrill to be at Swindon Comic Con with my own poster above me at my own table, it’s been a fabulous opportunity.

“There’s been more interest and commissions since then and I’m thrilled to get the work and the challenge, it’s all heading in the right direction and going really well.”


Published 9th June 2017 in Swindon Advertiser: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/15339523.Artist_Nathan_has_more_room_to_manoeuvre/

PUPILS picked up their pastels and paintbrushes at the start of a primary school arts week in Old Town.

Lethbridge Primary School pupils crafted their own masterpieces on Tuesday with the help of two esteemed local artists

Inspired by a recent trip to the Red Ridge activity centre in North Wales, the year six pupils created stunning landscapes under the watchful eye of artists Caroline Day and Nathan Pegler.

Year six teacher Katie Westcott said it was important for children to express their artistic sides. “We want to expose the children to local artists in the area,” she said. “It’s encouraging them to take inspiration from the landscape around them and the beautiful scenery. “It’s capturing your imagination in a way that we normally wouldn’t be able to. “The children have been really excited about getting involved, they were excited today when they knew they weren’t doing maths or English.”

The pupils were treated to tutorials from the artists before they picked up their paintbrushes and chalk to sketch out an award winning design.And the arts lessons received a positive response from the children.

Rhys, 10, who sketched out a sunset inspired scene, said: “It’s fun and it gives us a chance to show what we can do in art.

Paige, 11 added: “It’s something where we can let our imagination run wild.”

Pastel artist Nathan Pegler from Royal Wootton Bassett led a tutorial with the students.

The winning child was awarded a Star Wars or Dr Who limited edition coaster designed by Nathan. “It’s good for them to try their hand at something new,” he said. “They got quite excited when I showed them the Tardis and Star Wars paintings, and they couldn’t wait to get started. “It’s teaching them something where they can be creative, it’s so important, it makes them feel happy and relaxed.

Nathan and Caroline were recruited via Swindon Open Studios, where artists threw open the doors to their studios to give art buffs a glimpse behind the scenes.

Acrylic and oil artist Caroline, known for her work with Old Town Gardens and English Heritage, said “I teach them about natural forms and a sense of place “It’s an exciting and creative subject and while I think academic subjects are important creative subjects are too “It gives them motivation and boosts their self esteem

Later this week parents will be invited into the school to have a look at the children’s art work



Artist reunited with primary school teacher during Open Studios weekend

SWINDON Open Studios proved to be quite the reunion for first-timer Nathan Pegler over the course of the weekend.

Having welcomed guests from his former job at Honda – and even a childhood teacher from the 1980s – he is now eagerly awaiting what the second weekend of this year’s event has in store for him.

The 43-year-old took voluntary redundancy from Honda two years ago and has set up shop in Royal Wootton Bassett as a full-time professional artist which sees him in his studio busily creating colourful pastel works as well as running courses and workshops.

And this year he boldly signed up to form part of the Swindon Open Studios trail – one of just four to be found south of the M4.

A commision by local author, Lindsay Ross, for his first novel, Perfect Roger. Available from Amazon.co.uk

Perfect Roger Book Cover (Lindsay Ross)  Perfect Roger Synposis (back cover)


Lindsay met me at one of my Marlborough Craft Fairs in 2016. He had a very clear vision of the elements, layout and colours he wanted for the cover of his book, whose working title was much longer than the final "Perfect Roger: Worlds apart, destinies unknown". It tells the story of two boys very different lives, one in Cambodia (top half of the piece) and one in the UK (London Skyline and Rolls Royce featuring in the lower half of the piece). 

A nice in-depth piece in the Adver as they promote the artists taking part in this year's Swindon Open Studios over the first two weekends of September.

Hard graft paying off for passionate artist Nathan

Swindon Advertiser

NATHAN Pegler, 43, became a professional artist in 2014 after 20 years working for Honda. He opens the first exhibition of his work next week and will also be part of Swindon Open Studios next month. Nathan lives on the outskirts of Royal Wootton Bassett with his partner, Samantha Williams, and has a daughter, Lauren. 

NATHAN Pegler has the contented manner of a person beginning to make a living from doing something they love and were meant to do.

He spends a few hours a week as a support worker, ensuring a steady income, but the rest of his time is devoted to art.

Another feature in the local paper marking the opening of my new studio at Ashdown Equestrian, Royal Wootton Bassett.

New studio is the latest step on Nathan's journey from Honda worker to artist 

A FORMER Honda worker whose artistic flair was sapped by years on the production line has spoken of his delight at opening his own art studio in Royal Wootton Bassett.

I hope you are able to come along to see some of my art, learn a little about how NJP came about and some of the things I've learnt along the way!

Art in Business - exhibition & talks

Surprised to see myself in the paper, so many thanks to Jol Rose at Manor House Enterprise Centre, Royal Wootton Bassett for working so hard at promoting my exhibition at The Enterprise Network on Tuesday 9th August from 5 til 7 pm.

From the Swindon Advertiser: 

"Former Honda worker turned artist to open first exhibition

Nathan Pegler 3-8-16
NJP Swindon Advertiser 3-8-16

MAKING a living from art has never been easy, but setting up business as an artist after 20 years on the assembly lines would seem an impossible feat. However, Royal Wootton Bassett artist Nathan Pegler, who is opening the first exhibition of his work next week, has done just that. A self-taught artist, Nathan worked at Honda in Swindon for 20 years before taking voluntary redundancy in 2014 and making the decision to become a professional artist.

“I really had no idea what I was doing - or how I’d make a success of business,” says Nathan, 43, who has recently started to diversify from original art and prints into running courses and workshops. “My big break came at a job fair organised by Honda for ex-employees - an organisation called Business West offered to help me start a business and introduced me to a business mentor who knew the ropes.”

Nathan teamed up with business coach Isla Baliszewska from Wiltshire-based Smart Coaching & Training, who helped him develop his business plan and identify the best way forward. 


Excited to be interviewed by Marie Lennon on Wiltshire Radio today as part of the promotion for the exhibition and talks at Manor House Enterprise Centre, Royal Wootton Bassett on Tuesday 8th August 5 til 7 pm Click here to play sound or enjoy the visual delights of my art while listening to my silky tones on this video (opens in a new window in Facebook)

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