Pupils get creative for art week

PUPILS picked up their pastels and paintbrushes at the start of a primary school arts week in Old Town.

Lethbridge Primary School pupils crafted their own masterpieces on Tuesday with the help of two esteemed local artists

Inspired by a recent trip to the Red Ridge activity centre in North Wales, the year six pupils created stunning landscapes under the watchful eye of artists Caroline Day and Nathan Pegler.

Year six teacher Katie Westcott said it was important for children to express their artistic sides. “We want to expose the children to local artists in the area,” she said. “It’s encouraging them to take inspiration from the landscape around them and the beautiful scenery. “It’s capturing your imagination in a way that we normally wouldn’t be able to. “The children have been really excited about getting involved, they were excited today when they knew they weren’t doing maths or English.”

The pupils were treated to tutorials from the artists before they picked up their paintbrushes and chalk to sketch out an award winning design.And the arts lessons received a positive response from the children.

Rhys, 10, who sketched out a sunset inspired scene, said: “It’s fun and it gives us a chance to show what we can do in art.

Paige, 11 added: “It’s something where we can let our imagination run wild.”

Pastel artist Nathan Pegler from Royal Wootton Bassett led a tutorial with the students.

The winning child was awarded a Star Wars or Dr Who limited edition coaster designed by Nathan. “It’s good for them to try their hand at something new,” he said. “They got quite excited when I showed them the Tardis and Star Wars paintings, and they couldn’t wait to get started. “It’s teaching them something where they can be creative, it’s so important, it makes them feel happy and relaxed.

Nathan and Caroline were recruited via Swindon Open Studios, where artists threw open the doors to their studios to give art buffs a glimpse behind the scenes.

Acrylic and oil artist Caroline, known for her work with Old Town Gardens and English Heritage, said “I teach them about natural forms and a sense of place “It’s an exciting and creative subject and while I think academic subjects are important creative subjects are too “It gives them motivation and boosts their self esteem

Later this week parents will be invited into the school to have a look at the children’s art work



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